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Easter's On It's Way!

Easter is coming early this year, and when people think of Easter they often think of those store bought chocolate bunnies and plastic Easter eggs. But how about making your own Easter treats this year? Below are some of my favorite recipes!

How about these adorable No-Bake Egg Nest cookies made by Chef In Training? They are made with chow mein noodles and chocolate and are super cute with the addition of Mini Eggs and Marshmallow Peeps.

What about these uber sweet Bunny Ear cupcakes from Your Cup Of Cake made with marshmallows and pink sugar? These are just darling, aren't they? What a festive way to finish off any sort of cupcake!

These Rainbow Bars by Bloom Designs are the perfect splash of soft pastel hues to brighten up your Easter! Made with Fruit Loops instead of Rice Krispies, they would definitely be a kid-friendly favorite!

I am SO in love with these chocolate covered strawberries by Candiquik! Instead of dipping them in milk or dark chocolate, they've been dipped in orange chocolate to make them look like cute lil' carrots.

What about you guys? What's your favorite Easter treat? Let me know in the comments below!


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