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How Tiny Hands Jewelry is Made

We use polymer clay for almost all of the cute jewelry here at Tiny Hands. Polymer clay is is a pliable medium like Play-Doh that turns into a solid and hard form when baked in an oven. You can buy these in block forms in a variety of different colors at your local craft store.

For more on how to use polymer clay, please watch the video I made above showing you some simple techniques in polymer clay crafting.

Very little skill and experience is required to make polymer clay creations, but the more detailed pieces will take more time and practice to get right. The secret (I guess, not so secret now!) in my food jewelry designs is in getting the colors right. I spend more than 80% of the time making new designs on developing accurate color matches between the clay and the real food I am miniaturizing.

Every food jewelry here at Tiny Hands takes a minimum of 3 days to complete, from start to finish. It is a time consuming process, and my small team and I take great care to make sure your jewelry is always perfect!

Thank you for watching!