Tiny Hands jewelry at a craft show

Hi, I'm Mei! I established Tiny Hands in 2006 with the goal to fill the niche of a prevalently lacking market for high quality and customizable jewelry that is youthful, sweet and feminine. Based in Minnesota, I innovate a whole new world with my Tiny Hands by combining both my love of food and jewelry to create tantalizing scented food accessories.

I have a wonderful relationship with jewelry but I have to admit that it wasn't always monogamous. Secretly, I hold a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a love for numbers and symmetry. However, I grew up adoring art and its ability to invoke emotion.

Mei Pak from Tiny Hands

For the past five years I have followed my dreams in embracing my creative side with my jewelry business, Tiny Hands, which combines my appetite for both food and fashion!

Like many lifelong passions, my fond relationship with jewelry began when I was a child. My mother would adorn me with colourful necklaces, bracelets and hairpins and would dress me up like a princess. Both my parents were also very supportive of my creative learning as a child and had always encouraged me to explore different artistic disciplines.