Scented Sugar Glazed Donut Necklace

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Size: ¾” sugar glazed donut charm attached to 18” sterling silver necklace

Material: Polymer clay, gloss, sterling silver ball chain

Smells Like: Sweet sugar glazed icing

Greedy for the latest in alternative style? Satisfy those fashion pangs with our Scented Sugar Glazed Donut Necklace. Not only is it 100% calorie free - you only need one to make a genuinely stylish impact! Lovingly crafted from polymer clay, each scented jewelry piece is a bona fide one-of-a-kind accessory you simply won't find anywhere else. If you're fun, expressive and game to try something new, our donut necklace could propel your style to dizzying new heights!

Want to soften down an edgy image? There comes a time in life where we all get that wardrobe wakeup call. Perhaps you've discovered new social avenues and want a demure new look. Maybe you're toying with the idea of injecting some fun back into a bland office wardrobe.

Kitsch kawaii jewelry comes in many forms, but none quite so versatile as Tiny Hands' donut necklace range. Handmade by Mei, each piece is a faithful reconstruction of those timeless iced treats, right down to the tiny sugar crystals floating atop the sticky, shiny glaze. Finished in a translucent white glaze with the golden-brown of the donut peeping through, this Scented Sugar Glazed Donut Necklace is suitably feminine - minus any hint of pink!

Suspended from a glinting, 18 inch sterling silver chain, this fabulous ¾ inch donut charm is a great way of maximizing your visual impression. A staple for variegated summer styles, it'll look great with a floral shirt, or a time-worn vest top!

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