Scented Snow Cone Necklace

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Size: 18 inches sterling silver ballchain, snow cone charm is 1" tall
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, sterling silver findings
Smells like: Fruity flavors, fresh and sweet

You've donned your favorite shorts and halter top combo, teased your hair into natural summer waves, and slipped into those funky gladiators you bought last week - almost ready for that exciting first date down at the beach. But, there's something missing.

One teeny tiny accessory that screams cool no matter how hard the sun beats down, or threatens to melt your lip-gloss. With its exuberant strips of red, yellow, green and blue, Tiny Hands' Scented Snow Cone Necklace is an all out festival of color and fun – the perfect way to express your buoyant and lively personality!

Are you forever stuck inside a sweltering classroom or office during the summer months? Take a break from the heat with Tiny Hands' coolest of wearable iced treats. A childhood fantasy of flavored ice shavings, and sunny hues, this demure, 1 inch Scented Snow Cone Necklace packs more than just a visual punch.

Scented with a combination of intoxicatingly sweet and fruity flavours, it's a cocktail of scents as young, fun and vivacious as you are. This irresistible pendant charm has been lovingly crafted by Mei from polymer clay, then mounted upon a printed paper cone, which just adds to its authenticity. Mounted upon a glistening sterling silver chain of about 18 inches, it has just the right amount of sparkle to take you from beach to pool party chic!

Unique Gift Idea
Handmade in the USA
Female Owned Business
100 percent Happiness Guranteed
Realistic Scents
Non Toxic
5 Star Customer Experience

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