Scented Signature Charm Bracelet (pick your own charm)

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Size: 7 inches or customizable in the next tab, charms range from 1/2" - 1 1/4"
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, silver plated findings, Swarovski crystal
Smells like: Magic! (Depends on which charm you pick)
Celebrity Mention: This Charm Bracelet was gifted to YouTube singing sensation Jennifer Chung!

Wouldn't you love to be Mei for a day? Surrounded by a treasure trove of non-edible kawaii confectionery delights, it'spretty much a given that your mind would be running wild with possibilities. Just imagine having the freedom to designand execute your own signature scented jewelry creation, then adding a sweet miniature Swarovski Crystal in a choice of the following colors for a dazzling finishing touch!

Well, what if we told you that fantasycould become a virtual reality right here?

Our Scented Signature Charm Bracelet provides a beautiful silver-tone canvas upon which you can create your very own scent-sational masterpiece, courtesy of Tiny Hands' appetizing polymer clay charms. With a heavenly selection of over 30 wickedly sinful donuts, bubblelicious, fruity boba teas and dreamy, whipped ice-cream cone treats available from the drop-down menu, there is bound to be something that reflects your personality – be it playful, innocent, or a combinationof the two!

The superbly detailed and ultra-refreshing Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Cone (pictured) is already a firm favorite of Youtube singing sensation Jennifer Chung, who we are honored to confirm will be showcasing her love of kawaii to the world at her next mix-tape launch. As proud advocates of self-indulgence and style, we love hearing about how you express yourself through Tiny Hands' Jewelry. Why not make your mark with a delectable Scented Signature Charm Bracelet? Simply make your style selections using the drop-down menu; add your preferred crystal color and bracelet length, then let Mei work her magic to bring your vision to life!

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