Scented Shortcake Heart Cookie Earrings

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Size: Each shortcake heart cookie charm is 3/4" wide
Material: Polymer clay, surgical steel earring hooks, Swarovski cystals
Smells like: Strawberry shortcake cookies

What would it take to melt your heart? We ladies are renowned for being fussy, but who could resist such a sweet and characterful gift? At just half an inch in size, these adorable Scented Shortcake Heart Cookie Earrings are the epitome of cute, and a must-have on your birthday wish list! Save your significant other the hassle of trawling endlessly for that perfect present. Scented with the delicious aroma of strawberries and just-baked shortcake, these scented earrings are one of those gifts you will most certainly be grateful for!

Does mass-produced jewelry leave you uninspired? According to our fashion spies, self-made style is bang on trend right now. Express yourself with scented jewelry befitting of your individuality. Expertly crafted from polymer clay by Mei's own Tiny Hands, these bright, sugar-dusted Scented Shortcake Heart Cookie Earrings are so realistic, your friends might be fooled into believing they're edible! They're not, but that won't stop you craving a lick of the strawberry-seeded jam!

Adding a pop of color to those dull winter days with our deliciously unique scented earrings. Strung from silver-plated fish hook attachments and finished with adorable Swarovski Crystals, we promise you'll feel an instant transformation. After all, who can resist the allure of miniature sweetness and sparkling gems?