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Scented Pumpkin Pie Ring

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Size: Adjustable ring fits any size, pumpkin pie is 3/4" wide
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, silver plated ring
Smells like: Homemade pumpkin pie, with hints of nutmeg, ginger cinnamon and buttery vanilla notes

Do you ever get downcast when pumpkin season is over? Fear not. Our Scented Pumpkin Pie Ring has been designed to fill that aching void between Spring and Fall, and smells tantalizingly realistic. The appetizing aroma of pastry-clad pumpkin pie is a hard one to replicate, but, with a little ingenuity, we've come up with a season-bridging treat you can wear year-round. Be the envy of your friends with a cute accessory that evokes nostalgic memories, and looks good enough to eat!

Lightly spiced with a hint of ginger, the fragrance of this miniature scented ring is the first thing people will notice when you walk into a room. The subtle fruitiness makes this delicate pie charm ultra feminine, without detracting from the beauty of the piece. Carefully sculpted from polymer clay by my Tiny Hands, every attention to detail has been considered, including the realistic browning of the crust! Admire the exquisite gloss that makes this ¾ inch scented charm so tempting, along with the tiny dollop of cream carefully piped on, just ready to serve. You might feel inclined to nibble a piece, but you'd better not!

Firmly affixed to a silver plated adjustable base, you needn't worry about ring size if you're planning on presenting this as a gift. A hearty present that invokes the coziness of cold winter nights, this Scented Pumpkin Pie Ring is sure to warm anyone's heart!

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How long the fragrance lasts depends on a lot of factors which makes it hard for me to really make any guarantees or even be able to give any specific timeline for how long they should stay scented. I've surveyed my past customers and many have reported it lasts from several months to sometimes even over a year.

The stronger the scents starting out, the longer lasting they are.

Stronger scent examples are designs with: mint, chocolate, peanut butter, snow cone, red velvet, pumpkin pie, raspberry, rose (macaron).
Lighter scents: strawberry, blueberry, cake batter/vanilla, maple syrup.

It also depends on how the jewelry is being cared for. It's not a huge deal breaker, but it helps to keep the jewelry in a confined, small space when not being worn to help preserve the scent. Body heat can help revive the scent a bit.

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