Scented Mint Chocolate Ice-Cream Ring

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Size: Adjustable ring fits most sizes, ice-cream is a little over 1" tall
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, silver plated adjustable ring
Smells like: Minty chocolate

Searching for a perfect graduation for your BFF? Celebrate the start of summer as you mean to go on with this Scented Mint Ice-Cream Ring. A delicious blend of refreshing mint and sweet milk chocolate, she won't be able to resist stealing a quick sniff at every given opportunity.

The fragrant sweetness of this ice-cream cone is a true reflection of what summer is all about – hanging out at the beach in bikinis, checking out boys and sharing secrets. Could there be a more perfect souvenir?

Ever wondered how to accessorize a bikini, without going overboard? With its flecked colors, and sweet, golden brown cone, this cute Scented Mint Ice-Cream Ring is a style statement in its own right. Handmade from polymer clay by Mei and her team, the teeny tiny cone is so amazingly realistic, even the ice-cream looks as if its slowly melting over the wafer.

Notice how the specks of chocolate seem to float on the surface too! Expertly crafted from polymer clay by Mei, the dainty cone is securely joined to the silver-plated ring shank on either side - so it'll resist wear and tear if you absolutely must wear it every day!