Scented Maple Syrup & Butter on Waffle Necklace and Earrings Set

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Size:  ¾”  waffle pendant attached to 18” necklace and 3/5” silver-plated earrings
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, silver-plated ballchain and hook

Smells like: Sweet maple syrup, butter and hot breakfast waffles

Co-ordination is the play-it-safe rule of fashion, but that needn't mean you have to settle for simplicity. This delightful Scented Maple Syrup and Butter On Waffle Necklace and Earrings Set has been cooked up for all those seeking a little character and novelty in jewelry design, minus the overdone diamante! Look closely and you'll notice that Tiny Hands' unique scented food jewelry is quite unlike anything you'll have ever seen in mainstream fashion designs; hand-cut shapes, painstakingly applied textures and a treat that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the soul. Just imagine the envious sighs if you wore these to the office!

Gently toasted waffles hand-crafted from polymer clay form the basis of Tiny Hands' inspired Scented Maple Syrup and Butter on Waffle Necklace and Earrings Set. With the addition of a little imagination, gooey maple-hued glaze and mandatory serving of butter slices, this sweet scented jewelry set is transformed into a wearable novelty that will remain on trend, even when other seasonal fashions begin to wane. A consistent fashion staple that never fails to have an impact? Now that is a worthwhile investment.

Suspended from a gloriously bright 18 inch silver-ball chain, our Scented Maple Syrup and Butter on Waffle Necklace adds a vital touch of sophistication to any neutral outfit. The sweetly scented earrings are so wonderfully glazed they appear to radiate in evening light – a super-fast way to transform your look from day to night!

Unique Gift Idea
Handmade in the USA
Female Owned Business
100 percent Happiness Guranteed
Realistic Scents
Non Toxic
5 Star Customer Experience

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