Scented Chocolate Cupcake Necklace

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Size: 18 inch sterling silver ballchain, cupcake is 3/4" tall
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, sterling silver findings
Smells like: Decadent, creamy and rich chocolate!

Introducing our new line of cupcake jewelry!

Any chocolate lover cannot refuse this scented chocolate cupcake necklace. Scented to smell just like real chocolate, you might be tempted to pop this in your mouth!

This cupcake necklace is perfect for your bestie whom you've always shared those tea time cupcakes with at the bakery, or for any little girl who's obssessed with anything chocolaty.

The cupcake charm was handmade with a lighter color at the bottom to resemble cupcake wrappers (liners) that you could peel off from the cake. A squeeze of chocolate frosting sits perfectly and deliciously atop a realisticly baked cupcake top. Moist and chocolaty, who can resist?

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