Scented Cherry Chocolate Truffle Necklace

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Size: 18 inch sterling silver ballchain, truffle is 3/4" wide
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, sterling silver findings
Smells like: Decadent cherry filled chocolates

Wondering how to sweeten your look without going overboard on the pink? If you're stuck for inspiration, or simply fancy a fashion overhaul, scented food jewelry could be a smart compromise. Our Scented Cherry Chocolate Truffle Necklace is a picture-perfect miniature of the old chocolate box classic, with a thoroughly detailed pink parfait filling for that added touch of  girlish delight. Encased within a dreamy shell of rippled milk chocolate, its cuteness is enhanced by a tiny nibbled corner, exposing just a hint of pink within. Fashion accessories needn't be big, pink and over-sized to grab attention!

Are you endlessly searching for alternative gifts that exceed expectation? It seems we're all looking for (and secretly expecting) something that little bit unique when a birthday comes around, and scented jewelry is as unexpected as it gets. Crafted from polymer clay by my own Tiny Hands, these delicate ¾ inch morsels are irresistibly enhanced with a delicious chocolate-cherry scent – certified to last longer than a well intended box of chocolate truffles!

Strung upon a glinting 18-inch sterling silver ball chain, this scented necklace works well with a multitude of styles. Preppy girls will love the way it can instantly 'girlify' any outfit, whilst grown-up sophisticates can embrace a youthful trend without fear of going overboard. Embrace it; wear it; love it!

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