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Terms & Conditions

Made To Order All Tiny Hands jewelry are made to order only. This means that we do not carry ready-made stock due to the customizable nature of our jewelry. Please allow up to two weeks for your jewelry to be made. Please do keep this in mind when you are planning time sensitive gifts. If you are in need of a rush order please let me know when you check out and I will let you know what I can do.

Product Quality At Tiny Hands we undergo strict quality checks. Our high standards in our crafting process means that you will only receive jewelry that is aesthetic and attractive. Our Tiny Hands jewelry have been tested and we can confidently say that your charms will not break from drops or falls, or in the case (for whatever reason) where someone decides to throw your jewelry at a wall (yes, we've tested this with great force!). However, please be aware that our tiny jewelry are always handmade and will not withstand deliberate force, eg. if you purposely attempted to break it, so please don't!

Photography As all Tiny Hands jewelry are handmade and made to order, jewelry that you receive may not be the exact item that you see in the photos on this website. Please allow for minor variations in your handmade jewelry.