Scented Red Velvet Cupcake Ring

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Size: Adjustable size ring, cupcake is 3/4" tall
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, adjustable silver plated ring
Smells like: Red velvet cupcakes

Searching for that perfect gift to charm your dessert lovin' lady? Your search ends here! Sweetly scented with the delicious buttery vanilla aroma of red velvet sponge cake, our kitsch Scented Red Velvet Cupcake Ring is guaranteed to satisfy her craving for all things sugary.

The scrumptious swirl of baby pink frosting crowning the center of the cupcake emits a subtle waft of butter-cream which, when combined with the richness of the sponge, makes for a truly heart-warming, subtle fragrance.

It's a well known fact that no lady in her right mind can resist anything in miniature – especially animals and food! At just ¾ of an inch in size, this impeccably detailed, Scented Red Velvet Cupcake Ring is just the right size to induce gasps at its cuteness, yet not so big to be childish and in your face.

From the realistic, aerated texture of the sponge, to the glossy, lacquered shine of the icing, every tiny detail of this kawaii cupcake has been carefully applied by hand. Handmade from by Mei, the dainty charm is firmly affixed to a polymer clay mount at the center of the stainless steel band. The band itself tapers to a curved end on either side, meaning it can be adjusted to fit even the smallest of fingers!

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