Scented Cherry Chocolate Truffle Ring

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Size: Adjustable ring fits any size, chocolate is 3/4" wide
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, silver plated ring
Smells like: Sweet cherries and sinful chocolate truffles

Need a chocolate fix? With its gooey, girlish pink center and drizzled chocolate topping, you'd be forgiven for thinking this Scented Cherry Chocolate Truffle Ring was made for a single moment of chocolatey pleasure. In fact, this realistic, Belgian chocolate charm lasts far longer than one bite! Giving off a tantalizing aroma of crisp chocolate and rich, cherry parfait, you can enjoy the utter pleasure that chocolate brings day to night - minus its effect on your teeth or waistline. Our Scented Cherry Chocolate Truffle Ring promises that same endorphin hit you'd get from a real chocolate treat, making it an ideal scented jewelry gift for calorie-counting girlfriends!

Inspired by a chocolate box favorite, this flavorsome Scented Cherry Chocolate Truffle Ring is the ideal gift for the girl who just can't get enough. Enveloped by a thin coating of 'chocolate', the truffle charm features a tiny chunk nibbled away, revealing that gooey, textured soft center within. Believe it or not, this delicate sculpted ring is made entirely of polymer clay, crafted by my Tiny Hands for chocoholics of any age. Fun, fragranced and completely sugar-free, little girls and ladies alike have been unable to resist its inedible cuteness!

With its delightful chocolate scent and playful girlish appeal, this sparky example of scented jewelry is soul food to die for.  Mounted upon an adjustable silver finish ring, it will liven up your accessory and perfume collection in one!

Unique Gift Idea
Handmade in the USA
Female Owned Business
100 percent Happiness Guranteed
Realistic Scents
Non Toxic
5 Star Customer Experience

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