Scented Pumpkin Pie Necklace

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Size: 18 inch sterling silver ballchain, pumpkin pie is 3/4" wide
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, sterling silver findings
Smells like: Homemade pumpkin pie, with hints of nutmeg, ginger cinnamon and buttery vanilla notes

The best gifts in life are almost certainly the one's you never expect. And who would expect to find a sumptuously sweet slice of pumpkin pie beyond the Fall season? Enveloped in a thick layer of crumbling golden pastry and topped with a dollop of cream, there are few things more nostalgic or tasty come the winter months.

We decided that pumpkin season was too far off this year, and inspired by that delicious spiciness, came up with a heartwarming Scented Pumpkin Pie Necklace you can enjoy year-round!

Delicately scented with a touch of ginger and delicious clove, our pumpkin scented charm is a delicious reminder of cozy winter nights huddled in front of the fire. Subtle, yet contemporary, the fragrance is sweet and fruity with a musky undertone – perfect for ladies a little less pink or candy obsessed.

True-to-life and sublimely scented, this gorgeous Scented Pumpkin Pie Necklace is bound to turn heads, usually long before they notice the scent. Every minute detail has been painstakingly sculpted by hand, including the cute scalloped edging along the pie crust. Topped with a single piped dollop of glossy white cream, you'll be fighting off eager friends starved of stylish cuteness!

Measuring approximately ¾ of an inch in size, this scented charm is designed to look simple, elegant and understated. The real attention grabber of this 18 inch sterling silver ball necklace is the scent, which draws people in close to admire its elaborate detail. Too shy to speak to a really cute guy? This could be the ice-breaker!

Unique Gift Idea
Handmade in the USA
Female Owned Business
100 percent Happiness Guranteed
Realistic Scents
Non Toxic
5 Star Customer Experience

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