Scented Bacon Necklace

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Size: 18 inch silver plated ballchain, bacon is 1" long
Material: Polymer clay, silver plated findings
Smells like: Fried bacon

Compare a whopping 100 calories per strip to the zero guilt-free calories in this amazing Scented Bacon Necklace. This piece is a clear winner! The crispy curled edges, that beautiful marbling of delicious golden brown, the smoky aroma... If you listen closely, you can almost hear it sizzle. It's breakfast time!

Stand in awe, and take in the realism. Bacon drippings are simulated with a shiny outter glaze. You'd swear it was a smaller version of it's much fattier relative! Who can resist the temptation of freshly fried bacon? Designed by polymer clay artist Mei of Tiny Hands Online, this piece will definitely turn heads and will boggle the minds of curious bystanders.

Hung upon a lustrous silvery chain, 18 inches in length, our Scented Bacon Necklace makes a bold statement when worn as is. Its cutesy size and delicious scent will have admirers moving in closer, just to steal a whiff! You could pair it with our Fried Eggs necklace for a breakfast or brunch date -cheeky! It's a great necklace for men and women, alike. After all, is there anyone who isn't crazy for bacon?

Unique Gift Idea
Handmade in the USA
Female Owned Business
100 percent Happiness Guranteed
Realistic Scents
Non Toxic
5 Star Customer Experience

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