Tiny Hands ambassador program

Calling fashion bloggers, youtubers and all social media mavens! 

Do you fancy sweet treats, desserts and other nummie foods?

Do you have a large following on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube?

If so, then read on to find out how you can collaborate with Tiny Hands Jewelry and make some moolah!

There are absolutely NO COSTS to you as a Tiny Hands Ambassador. It only takes a few minutes of your time to get set up!

Earn up to 20% commission* on all orders made through you!

Find out more below: 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Step 1: Post a photo of the Tiny Hands jewelry that you'd like to feature in your sale. 

Consider decorating your photo with borders, copy or pricing info to attract your fans! 

Step 2: When your post is live, email me right away with the post URL so that we can start tracking sales!

Step 3: Your fans comment "sold + their email address" and invoices will automatically be emailed to them. 

I'll send you periodic reports of your sales to see how much money you've generated. Your commission is sent at the end of every month!


* A word on pricing: To make your sale more attractive, you can discount up to 20% of the Tiny Hands jewelry on your page.

The total of commission paid to you and product discount must never exceed 20%. For example, you could discount the product by 15% and take a 5% commission. Or you could discount 10% and take a 10% commission. 

You can only use Facebook if you have a Facebook fan page. You cannot use a personal page.


Step 1:  Sign up for an affiliate account at: http://tinyhands.referralcandy.com/

Step 2: Share your unique affiliate link with your Youtube subscribers! Don't forget to include your link in your video descriptions too! 
Step 3: Your referred subscribers receive a 15% discount code and makes a purchase.
Step 4: You receive a flat 8% commission on their order, paid to your Paypal account!

How to get started

Fill in the application form below and I'll get back to you asap!