Start the Year Right with Quirky Calendars and Journals


Like every year that comes and goes, we need to keep track of dates. Calendars and journals are really helpful in making sure we maximize our whole 365 days in a year.

We may be living in a technologically-advanced world right now with the variety of notebooks, android tablets and other gadgets within easy reach. But for some of you who like to kick it old school, calendars and journals you can jot schedules on are essential.

For this week’s post, I’d like to share with you some of the quirky, retro-style calendars and journals I found over at one of my favorites online shops, ModCloth. Get ready for coolness overload! :)


Sprinkle in Time 2013 Desk Calendar

Year of the Critter 2013 Calendar – Cat

Year of the Critter 2013 Calendar – Bulldog

Grand Old Timey 2013 Calendar – Domestic

Journals & Diaries:

Be Kind, Unwind Notebook

One Good Deed A Day Journal

Gaining Perspective Journal

Carpe Diem Journal

Find anything you like? I love all of ‘em! Head on over to ModCloth now and grab one of these goodies! Happy New Year! :)

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