Scented Waffle Necklace on Parks and Recreation!

Scented Waffle Necklace by Tiny Hands on Parks and Recreation!

A blogger had written about my jewelry last year, and the wardrobe stylist for the show stumbled on that blog post and visited my website. I think she saw the scented waffle necklace and thought it would be a really good fit for Leslie Knope. We know she loves her waffles!

The wardrobe stylist contacted me one day and said she wanted to buy a whole bunch of jewelry but needed me to Fedex Overnight them. I dropped everything I was doing that day to get it all together.

About 3 months later the episode, dubbed “Operation Ann” aired!! TV coverage is a huge deal, but it’s my first real one so I had no idea what to expect, especially since people can’t simply click on a link to get to my website like you can on blogs. I didn’t even know it aired last week (I was told it would show this week instead). But the Friday after, a Facebook fan posted on my wall to ask if it was my waffle necklace in the episode last Thursday… so I bought a HD copy of it from, took some screenshot stills and posted information on my website so people could find me on Google. Then some people on Tumblr picked it up, and it’s gotten really viral. I had so much fun seeing what people were saying about the necklace (e.g. “Ben is the perfect boyfriend!” or “this show’s consistency and attention to detail is astounding, I love it” or “it needs more whipped cream”). It was like a huge internet party!

Scented Waffle Necklace by Tiny Hands on Parks and Recreation

I’ve read that TV coverage is really hard to get unless you have an arm and leg to give away! I think I got really lucky, and I’m forever grateful to the wardrobe stylist.
Our meeting was serendipity at its best!

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