As Seen On Every Day With Rachael Ray Magazine: Gifts for Foodies

Tiny Hands food jewelry is featured in the Every Day With Rachael Ray magazine this February and March 2014!

“As Parks and Recreation’s waffle-loving Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler wore a Tiny Hands Maple Syrup Waffle scented necklace on the air in 2012 – and fans were soon snapping up their own. The waffles are still on offer, and so are some new friends, each scented like the breakfast it resembles.”

On a personal note, I’m a total foodie and I know that whoever wears my jewelry loves sweet foods and candy too! So if you’re a foodie or know someone who is, shop Tiny Hands food jewelry for the perfect gifts for foodies.

I design something for everyone – from breakfast food jewelry, summertime snacks, french desserts and all-time American favorite foods. If you don’t see a food you like, leave a comment below!

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