Kitschy Handmade Gifts for Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

The clock is ticking and you’re still not done with Christmas shopping yet! You might be busy with those pre-winter break paperwork and other projects that you don’t have time to shop. One solution is to shop online! For all last-minute holiday shoppers, I’ve found some cute and kitschy handmade gifts on Etsy you might want to consider gifting your loved ones with. Here they are:

For your bestie:

Heart and Girl Silhouette Oval Cameo Necklace from SconnieAndJam, AU$23 or US$24

Mini Dessert Assortment Goat’s Milk Soaps by soapopotamus, $25

For your guy:

Iphone Case VW Minibus by QlassicCases, $14.99

Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet by WyomingCreative, $28

For your mom:

Silk Embroidered Peacock Clutch by BagNoir, $79

Gloria Spoon Bracelet by silverspoonj, $89

For your dad:

Distressed Brown Leather Journal by DivinaDenuevo, $65

Men’s Cigar Box Shaving Kit by blissfulbathandbody, $34.95

For your brother:

Guitar Picks: Copper Guitar Pick Personalized with Name by TagYoureItJewelry (left), $22; Keep Calm & Strum On Pick by NuevoWoodcrafts (right), $29.95

Vintage-style shirts: Retro Bike Diagram Bike T-Shirt by happyfamily (top), $18; Vintage Camera T-Shirt by lastearth (bottom), $19

I hope you like this selection! Enjoy shopping and happy holidays! :)

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