5 Tips For Taking Great Food Photos

As a big foodie, pictures of mouth-watering treats never fail to excite me. Be it an Instagram snapshot or a professionally-done photograph, vivid pictures of meals, desserts or even simple snacks always leave me craving…and hungry! :)

If you love to browse through sites featuring food, glorious food, I’m sure you’d want to know how the experts take yummy food photos. In this post, let me share some basic tips in making your food shots look delicious, even if they’re just for sharing in your social media sites or your personal blog:

1. Have a clean background. Your food should be the center of attention, so make sure the background is simple and clutter-free. White is a good choice but you can use other colors like pink, light blue or any color that provides a nice contrast with your food.

Here’s a perfect example from Pinch My Salt. Look how the colors of the tomatoes, squash and zucchini in their Summer Squash with Tomatoes and Aleppo Pepper dish pop against the white plate.

2. Go for natural lighting. As much as possible, make use of natural light. Shoot your food near a window or even in open space where there’s soft daylight. If you’re using a phone camera, avoid using the flash because it makes lighting look harsh and your food shots washed out.

I like the lighting used here in Sprinkle Bake‘s photo of their Chocolate-Raspberry Bavarian Torte. You can easily see the details of the cake…too yummy to behold! The lovely background also adds a nice touch to the overall photo.

3. Take sides. Yup, angles are important in taking great food shots, so move around and try different angles other than the typical bird’s eye view. Experimenting with angles adds depth and height to the food.

This cake shot from Raspberri Cupcakes shows how to use angles. You could see the gorgeous detail of their Orange Cake with Fruit Tingles Icing, from the toppings and side sprinkles to the lovely layers.

4. Prop it up. Make your food stand out by adding some little props. Add marshmallows, sprinkle chocolate chips or a spoon beside a scoop of ice cream. There are many creative ways of doing this, just make sure the props won’t overwhelm the main object of your photo.

I just love how Glorious Treats added ribbon details and wooden spoons on this shot of their Strawberry Blueberry Mini Cheesecake Trifle!

5. Lastly, know your camera’s features. Even if it’s just a simple point-and-shoot or a top-of-the-line camera, it won’t hurt to read the manual and play around with the settings.

Now that you know the basics in taking great food photos, I’m sure you’re excited to snap some pictures! Go ahead and take a shot or two of that delectable dish you’re cooking up and share it with your friends! :)


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